About Us

Ian’s Way was established after my beautiful 16 year old Ian Ezquerra took his life on 8/14/2019. As parents we did not see any warning signs nor did we necessarily know what those warning signs were. We didn’t even know that he was depressed.

After my son’s death, I was approached by a handful of kids telling me how my son helped them with their darkness. As beautiful as that sounds, we were saddened that no one was able to help my son. We then realized the power of teens talking amongst each other. That is when we thought of Free Group Counseling for Teens, mediated by a mental health professionals. We want to educate our children on when to speak up, when to be concerned for their peers, when they themselves are in crisis, and give them tools and resources to handle life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent teen suicide & destigmatize Mental Health through Education & Peer to Peer Group Counseling.

Our Teen Group Counseling program is called Talk Time. Due to the Corona Virus, all sessions will be online via zoom and moderated by a mental health professional. Talk Time is available to Teens between the ages of 12-19 years old. In order to participate in Talk Time, all Minors must have a parent or guardian fill out the consent form.

In addition to Talk Time, we often hold family & friends information talk sessions, with a variety of issues and different perspectives involving suicide and mental health. All are welcome to our talk sessions. All of our talk sessions have a Mental Health professional to give additional information along with Q&As relating to the current discussions, Mental Health, Suicide, Crisis, and more.

Our Goal

Our number one goal is prevention. We want to prevent another child from taking their life, and prevent another family from experiencing our same nightmare.

Help us prevent teen suicide and get involved.

Executive Board Members:

President – Jennifer Mitchell

Vice President – Karen Zients

Secretary – Stephanie Tapp

Treasurer – Nannette Friend

Advisory Board Members:

Ellia Lisbona (Mental Health Professional)

Teen Board Members 5 Open seats