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For safety reasons, we require a picture ID of the participant. Please upload a School ID, Drivers License, or a State ID.
If you do not have any form of ID, please let us know and we will follow up with additional instructions.
Rules are set in place for the safety of everyone involved with the program. Please read and agree to the rules.

I understand that the talk sessions will be moderated by a mental health professional. I understand that while the Talk Time sessions are confidential should a situation arise where an immediate threat is indicated to the participant or another individual, the mental health professional is required to notify us and if necessary any legal entities.

I understand only authorized participants are allowed to join the Talk Time meetings. I understand that these sessions may involve participants divulging personal, private information. I agree what is said in Talk Time will remain confidential and will not be discussed outside the group. I agree to be kind and speak with respect to my fellow peers. I agree not to harass or bully any other participants inside or outside the talk session. I agree that if any of the following rules are broken, I will be removed from the program.

Disclaimer: If caught violating any of the rules, we will need to remove you from the Talk Time program for the safety of the other participants; however, to stay true to our mission if such a situation arises we will try and assist you with help if wanted and also provide additional resources for other programs.

The consent form can also be downloaded here.